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Pro-Nom Services Ltd is a corporate services provider offering customized and comprehensive solution for businesses. We have extensive experience in assisting clients to minimize their tax liabilities by the proper and effective use of international corporate structures.Through its worldwide network of affiliates, Pro- Nom makes arrangements for the provision of management and administration of companies in Cyprus and overseas jurisdictions. Pro-Nom offers clients dedicated, reliable and professional service in the following areas:

Company Formation and Representation Services

Pro-Nom in association with Keane Vgenopoulou & Associates LLC can register companies, branches and partnerships in Cyprus and many overseas jurisdictions such as BVI, Marshall Islands, Jersey, Guernsey, Cayman, Bermuda, Isle of Man etc. Once formed on behalf of the client, Pro-Nom is well positioned to provide annual representation services as described below.

Incorporation of made-to-order or provision of shelf-companies
Registered Office
Company Secretary
Trustee Shareholders
Trustee functions

Administration and Secretarial Services

Organization of annual general meetings
Minutes of Board of Directors’ meetings
Statutory books and records
Notarization and filing of documents
Opening of bank accounts
Visa applications
Bank payments
Monitoring of bank accounts and placing funds on deposit
Review and signing of various agreements, invoices etc.
Issuing of powers of attorney
Obtaining certificates from the Registrar of Companies and arranging their legalization
Preparation and filing of the annual returns and all other statutory returns and notices to the Registrar of Companies
Maintenance of the register of members, register of charges, register of directors and other statutory registers

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